The mission of the Randolph Historical Society is to educate the public and to collect, maintain, preserve and display for public viewing artifacts of local history from the Randolph Area.

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Randolph Historical Society

PO BOX 143
RANDOLPH  NY  14772-0143

                  OUR HISTORY

In January of 2004, a group of residents interested in preserving the history of Randolph and East Randolph New York met to form the Randolph Historical Society.  The idea quickly took off.  At the end of the first year we boasted 154 charter members.  We continue to be very active in working toward the goals of our society as well as participating in many commnunty events. 

        We welcome new members

                OFFICERS                                             TRUSTEES
Dan Bohall              President                    Sandra Brace    -    Chairman
Fritz Miinte              Vice President             Dale Senn        -    Vice Chairman
Carol Zieres             Secretary                   Larry Bourne
Michael Stewart       Treasurer                   Karl Janish                                                                Fredric Nagle
                                                               Marion Wade
                                                               Annette Waite         



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