A Compilation of Artifacts


We have had many old letters, diaries, postcards, and newspapers donated to us as an addition to our archives. Many interesting old diaries and letters (some dating back to 1832) are in the process of being transcribed as to content. This can be a very tedious task since many are yellowed, and the ink has faded. All the items mentioned above are being placed in acid-free sleeves and placed in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent any further deterioration so they will be preserved for future generations. Copies will be available for research and exhibits.

We have also received many interesting artifacts from the Chamberlain Institute and the Randolph Children’s Home. We are always very pleased to receive these since these institutions played a very important role in Randolph’s history. Our Randolph School collection and exhibit is constantly growing. We are definitely looking for class yearbooks since our collection of these is very limited. If you have any you would like to donate, please do so. We are also looking for more of the large composite class pictures. Any artifacts you have concerning Randolph schools would be greatly appreciated.

If you have anything from clubs or businesses from the Randolph area, we would appreciate being thought of if you are thinking of giving away any of these. These constitute a great deal of Randolph’s history. Any pins or buttons (club, political, etc.) are always welcome.

Don’t just think of old things to donate. Remember, today is tomorrow’s history. If you have something interesting from “modern” times, please think of us. We’re in the business of preserving the past. We’ve already lost so much Randolph memorabilia—let us not lose more. 

If you are interested in making a donation or would like more information on the Historical Society, please contact Sandy Brace by e-mail at sbrace@roadrunner.com.