The Dow building was the site of the first library in Randolph. It was given to the village by Albert G. Dow Jr. in memory of his father. After the new library was built in 1949, the building was used for various purposes over the years. Gradually, the building fell into disrepair. A portion of the roof collapsed, causing damage to the interior. 

The village was faced with the problem of what to do with it. Since it was discovered that the building was architecturally and historically significant, it seemed that, if possible, it should be restored. With the agreement that the Randolph Historical Society would occupy the building, the village was able to secure a $20,000 grant. With this money, a new roof was put on the building, and a new heating and air conditioning system was installed.

This past summer, the Historical Society began work on the outside of the building, scraping off years of old paint. The front of the building was almost ready to be repainted when bad weather set in. With the return of spring, we will resume outside work. Once the outside of the building is secure, we can begin on the inside. 

Once the building is renovated, the Historical Society will have a place to call home. We envision constantly having exhibits of Randolph’s historical artifacts for public viewing. These exhibits could be changed at regular intervals. There will be a central area where the public can do research, both genealogical and on the area history, using our resources. Most importantly, there will be a location in the building for storing artifacts in a temperature-controlled environment.

We have undertaken an awesome task. We could use more volunteers to work. It is also expensive. Monetary donations would certainly be appreciated.

If you would like to donate to the Dow Building Fund, make your check out to the Randolph Historical Society and indicate it is for the Dow building renovation. Mail it to:

Randolph Historical Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 143

Randolph, NY 14772

Remember, we are a non-profit organization, so any donation you make is tax-deductible. Thank you